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Event Calendar

Throughout the fall be sure to enjoy the Tulsa World’s special features on Bill Bryson and his work.

8:00 p.m., Guthrie Green.  Join us for Stardust, a free summer concert featuring Janet Rutland, singing the hit songs from 1927, the year featured in Bill Bryson’s latest book, America:  One Summer, 1927.  Sponsored by Poets and Writers and Tulsa Town Hall in partnership with Guthrie Green.

10 a.m., Guthrie Green.  So much of Bill Bryson’s work is based on his insatiable curiosity about the world around him.  In this spirit, Poets and Writers and OETA present a story hour with Curious George, featuring Councilman G. T. Bynum reading a favorite Curious George story, followed by the Red Dirt Rangers doing a mini-concert for kids, and a special appearance by Curious George himself.  We’ll also be giving away free copies of Curious George Goes to the Library.

7:30, Tulsa PAC.  In his book, The Lost Continent, Bill Bryson talks about visiting Mark Twain's hometown.  Tulsans will have a chance to get up close and personal with Twain himself when Celebrity Attractions presents legendary actor Hal Holbrook in Mark Twain Tonight.  For more info, visit celebrityattractions.com.

7 p.m., OSU-Tulsa, B. S. Roberts Room.  The Tulsa Library presents Novel Talk, featuring selected readings from Bill Bryson’s books.  Readers will include Jeff Martin, Will Thomas, Deborah Hunter, and Teresa Miller.

Be sure to catch Al Capone:  Icon on OETA, 10 p.m.  More than 80 years after the height of his power, this program explores Capone's enduring impact on American culture and asks why people are still so fascinated by this celebrity gangster.  This is a tie-in to Bryson's book, One Summer--America 1927.

4:30 p.m., AHHA.  Family and Children Services will host an award reception for winners of their poster contest, based on the theme of family history, which resonates throughout Bryson’s work.  Bill Bryson will be making a special appearance.

5:30 p.m., AHHA.  Poets and Writers donor reception for Bill Bryson.  To become a Center Member contact:  teresa.miller@okstate.edu.

7:00 p.m., OSU-Tulsa Auditorium.  Poets and Writers presents An Evening with Bill Bryson, who’ll be reading passages from his work, answering questions from the audience, and autographing books.  Tickets are $15 and will be available at myticketoffice.com, starting in mid-August.  Or by phone at 918-596-7111.  Special rates will be available for Center members, teachers, and students.