(In partnership with Tulsa Town Hall) Up Close and Personal with Bill Bryson, author of A Walk in the Woods, 7:00 in the OSU-Tulsa auditorium.  Bill will be reading from his work, answering questions, and autographing books.  He will also be presenting a Town Hall lecture the next morning.  This is a Tulsa Reads event, and leading up to Bill's visit, Tulsans will be joining together to celebrate 1927, the year featured in Bill's latest book,
One Summer--America,1927.  Ticket info to come.
Bill Bryson
Tulsa Reads author Neil Gaiman will be receiving the Center's Ambassador award, 7:00, at the Tulsa PAC/Chapman Music Hall.  In addition to sharing insights into his work, Gaiman will also be answering questions from the audience.  Pre-autographed books will be available.  Tickets will go on sale September 9.  More details to come.
Neil Gaiman
“Home is where your history begins.”

--Billie Letts