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1995-96 Hall of Fame Inductee:

Robert Conley

An accomplished teacher and writer, Robert has published nearly forty novels, beginning with his first book, BACK TO MALACHI. He is also a noted poet and short story author and received critical acclaim for his collection, THE WITCH OF GOINGSNAKE AND OTHER STORIES. Most of his writing deals with Cherokee characters, Cherokee culture, and Cherokee themes. His Real-People series traces Cherokee history, beginning in the year 1500. The most recent novels in that series are THE PEACE CHIEF and WAR WOMAN.

His novel, MOUNTAIN WINDSONG, focuses on the Trail of Tears, the Cherokee removal from Georgia to Oklahoma. Author Tony Hillerman writes that the book "deserves to become an American classic. Conley takes the grim facts of our \'manifest destiny\' and makes them come alive in a novel, which is beautiful and heartwarming as well as tragic." MOUNTAIN WINDSONG has recently been adapted into a musical.

Needless to say, Robert is a prolific writer. His latest releases are INCIDENT AT BUFFALO CROSSING and THE MEADE SOLUTION. He makes his home in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.